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Keeping Optical Gauge Glasses Clean for Maximum Clarity

Andrea Rubira · April 5, 2024

Industrial Boiler with Glass Sight Glass: Enhancing Efficiency and Safety. Discover the role of sight glasses in optimizing operational visibility and safety within industrial environments.

In the realm of industrial manufacturing and processing, the clarity of optical gauge glasses is not just a matter of cleanliness; it’s a pivotal component of operational accuracy and efficiency. At United Glass and our brand ZIGHT, we specialize in the manufacture of high-quality borosilicate glass products, designed specifically for industrial use. One of our […]

Reflex And Transparent Level Gauge Glass Installation

Andrea Rubira · November 1, 2022

If the level glass on your reflex or transparent level gauge glass has become clouded or damaged, that means it’s time to replace it with a new one. The installation process is tedious, but as long as you follow each step of the process carefully, you should have no trouble. Instead, your reflex or transparent […]

Should I Use A Reflex Or Transparent Level Gauge?

Andrea Rubira · August 1, 2022

Should I Use A Reflex Or Transparent Level Gauge?

There is more than one type of level gauge glass you can use for your boiler, oil tank, or other industrial liquid vessel equipment. The two most popular kinds are reflex and transparent. But what’s the difference between them? Is one sight glass better than the other?  We answer these questions and more below.   […]

How Reflex Level Gauges Glasses Work

Andrea Rubira · July 18, 2022

Several different industries, including oil, gas, and utilities, use level gauges to measure the amount of liquid in a vessel. One of the most important and widely used types of gauges is the reflex glass.   What Are Reflex Level Gauges Used For? When you store or process a liquid, it’s important to monitor and […]

Avoid overpaying when creating specs for your level gauge equipment

Andrea Rubira · June 22, 2022

Should I Use A Reflex Or Transparent Level Gauge?

Pay What’s Fair. At Zight, we believe that by helping you save money, we create value for everyone, including us. When you create the specs for Level Gauge, we recommend you to use the guideline we created. It is aimed to help you company save money and order exactly what you need, and avoid overpaying […]