Understanding the DIN 7080 Norm and Its Importance for Sight Glasses

Ruben Silva · July 19, 2024

Stainless steel tank with a sight glass compliant with DIN 7080 norm

When purchasing a sight glass for a tank, ensuring it meets specific standards is crucial for safety, reliability, and performance. One such standard is the DIN 7080 norm, which is widely recognized in the industry for its stringent requirements for borosilicate sight glasses. Understanding the DIN 7080 norm and its benefits can help users make […]

The Importance of Tempered Glass in Sight Windows for Tanks

Ruben Silva · July 15, 2024

Tank with bronze-colored sight glass using tempered glass in a factory.

Sight windows are essential components in various industrial applications, providing a clear view of the contents within tanks and vessels. Typically made of borosilicate glass, these sight windows must adhere to stringent standards to ensure safety and reliability. One such standard is the DIN 7080 norm, which specifies that the glasses must be tempered. Understanding […]

Selecting the Right Sight Glass for High-Pressure Applications

Ruben Silva · June 10, 2024

Close-up of a High-Pressure Sight Glass in an industrial setting, demonstrating its durability and clarity

When it comes to high-pressure boiler applications, choosing the right sight glass is crucial for ensuring safety, efficiency, and longevity of the system. Boilers operate under extreme conditions, and the sight glass must withstand high pressures and temperatures while providing clear visibility. This article will explore the importance of selecting the correct sight glass for […]