Polycarbonate Tube for Gage Glass 3/4" OD





Polycarbonate is a tough thermoplastic which is easy to work with at high tempera-tures. It is widely used in modern manufacture for its excellent characteristics and chemical resistance. The name “polycarbonate” derived from its structure in which polymers are present in functional groups bonded by carbon-based molecular struc-tures


Type of Observation Transparent
Outside Diameter 3/4" 
Wall Thickness  1/8"
Inside Diameter 1/2"

Tubular Gauge Glass

This products are mainly used in Vision-Type control equipment where safety against breakage form glass may occur. Due to the fact that polycarbonate is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) it is widely used in food, chemical and pharma-ceutical companies.

Transparent - Full Visibility

Transparent tube, recommended for when the fluid is not translucid or the color in the level is important for the process at hand.


At ZIGHT we understand the importance of a proper packaging in the tube.

All tubes are packaged individually inside a plastic bad, which prevents scratches and glass spill in case of breakage. All tubes are also packed inside a box, with protective foam and cartons between each tube.

A standard box consists of 6 tubes in each layer (the base), which are placed with protection cartons be-tween each tube, and 2 rows which go above the base, also with protecting cartons between each layer of tubes.

In total, each standard box has 12 tubes properly protected in order to be shipped.

Special packaging instructions in terms of packaging material and quantity are available upon request.

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