Environmental Sealed Gauge



ZIGHT Environmental Sealed Gauge (ESG)

The Environmental Sealed Gauge (ESG) is a complete Gauge Glass protection system that helps to prevent costly spills due to a broken gauge.  The ESG uses transparent poly and two, piece nozzles along with gauge glass to make up the assembly.  The ESG is ordered in two different forms, the field kit and the custom assembly.

The field kit standard comes in either a 48” or 72” VISUAL kit, meaning if a 48” kit were assembled straight out of the box the visual gauge would be 48” long and the overall length of the ESG would be 52.75”.

Each ESG comes with instructions for how to cut and assemble your ESG based off of your Center to Center and Gauge Cock style.  The Custom Assembly is fairly self-explanatory, we would need to know your Center to Center and gauge cock style to cut and assemble before shipping to our customers.

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