Shipping and Packaging

At Zight, we take the safety and security of your glass seriously. In addition to the quality and price of our products, we aim to impress with the care we take in ensuring that your glass arrives in the same condition that we would want to receive it (The Golden Rule of Glass).

This is why we’ve developed a unique, patent-pending method for packaging which gives our customers the best possible shot at getting their orders without any casualties (a.k.a. broken glass).

We also understand that not all glass is created equal, and therefore, we leverage additional packaging methods depending on the type and quantity of the products ordered.

Packaging and Shipping Tubular Glass

For tubular sight glasses, we have developed a novel system consisting of two components; the outer box (plywood) and the inner cushion (polyurethane foam). This method allows us to provide a standardized and affordable solution for the customers… without compromising the integrity and protection offered by our unique crates.

With capacities of 6X or 24X tubes per box, we cut our outer crates to length giving our customers the best shipping rates possible (no sense in paying more for freight than is necessary).

The inner foam, which is specially designed and patented, holds our tubes stationary while in transit mitigating the potential impact of…less mindful package handlers.

All of this effort on our end is one of the many reasons we are able to offer such competitive pricing on our glass (especially in regards to volume discounts).

Packaging and Shipping of Non-tubular Sight Glass

Our circular sight glass and level gauge glass are packaged in individual cartons with a layer of polyurethane foam serving as a shock absorber.

The carton is then wrapped in another protective layer of shock-absorbing foam and encased in a secure master carton provided by our shipping partners.

In addition to our packaging and shipping methods, our Zight branded cartons are specially designed in an effort to help you and your team quickly and accurately identify each glass type and dimension.


In the event that the buyer observes that the merchandise is defective during the warranty period, the buyer must immediately provide the seller with the details of such defects, and will make every effort to provide all the necessary information and details so that Zight or its representatives verify the reported details and can determine the nature and cause of the claimed defects. In the same way, they will allow Zight or its representatives to have full and adequate access to their facilities in order to evaluate and / or correct defects.